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HBH Series---335mm higher,1.3mm-3.0mm thickness frame,6mm panel
<strong style="color: rgb(224, 106, 1);">Description:</strong><br />
1. 335mm higher side wall, 335mm higher, with Threshold, without base<br />
2. 1.3MM thickness strong aluminum frame with gutter and downpipe system<br />
3. stainless steel bolt and nut<br />
4 6mm twin-wall UV- protected new polycarbonate panels, not recycled which is crisp<br />
5. sliding door and adjustable window for excellent ventilation.<br />
6. Easy to assemble and DIY per step by step instruction<br />
7.All assembly tools included<br />
8. Good packing, heavy duty carton which will be suitable for mail box.<br />
9. No step at door for wheelbarrows or wheelchairs<br />
10. Latch included<br />
11. Extendable to any length<br />
12. Free 10 year guarantee<br />
13. Can be assembled with 4mm thickness glass also.<br />
14.Accredited with ISO9001:2008 quality management system and CE certificate<br />
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